Digital Marketing: Key Elements.

Digital Marketing Key Elements

What do you need to know in order to get a more thorough understanding of how digital marketing works? What things are involved? How are they comparable to our daily off-line world, before everything was digitalized? If you’re a digital marketer, what do you need to know to be successful?

Digital Living: Behind the Scenes.

Digital Leaving Behind the Scenes

Now that we live digitally, do you know the behind-the-scenes of things we do on this digital, virtual world? Did you know that every little thing we do online can be measured and made analytics of? Almost everything. What you click, where you’re clicking it from and what is the source of your information, to name a few.

Digital Marketing 101

digital marketing 101

What experience are you aiming to provide for your clients, or audience.
I’m going to teach you digital marketing 101 now, the basic things you need to know about digital marketing.

The Art of Story Telling.

art of story telling

  The Art of Story Telling. I will share with you now the art of story telling, after the previous blog post on the power of story telling. In it I talked about why it’s important to tell your story. Continue reading…

The Power of Storytelling

the power of storytelling

The Power of Storytelling. When it comes to telling a story, who would come up first in your mind? Why did these names appear in your mind? Most people probably think of the legendary Walt Disney or Hans Christian Andersen. Continue reading…

Stanford LEAD preview review

stanford lead preview

Stanford LEAD preview review. In November 2016 I attended a great lecture on Entrepreneurship in Stanford School of Engineering. It was taught by Facebook’s VP of product design Julie Zhuo. Just weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in Continue reading…

What is Online Learning?

what is online learning?

What is online learning? I simply define it as a method of gaining knowledge using internet connection to attend an online class. For the more serious type, here are more definitions of online learning from different sources. University of Edinburgh: Continue reading…

How to Decide Which Online Study to Take?

How to Decide which Online Study to Take?

The Chronicle of Higher Education shows very low graduation rates. US News suggests that graduation rate of online program is lower than on campus. The key is to prepare well. In order to prepare right, it’s important to know what to prepare beforehand. Knowing what and when to prepare is just the first half of the preparation itself, before it’s too late

5 Must-Have Tools for Online Students. Use Them!

5 Must-Have Tools for Online Students. Use Them!

5 Must-Have Tools for Online Students. Use Them! The Internet has phenomenally revolutionized learning. Knowing what to do and what to avoid to succeed in online learning is not enough. You will also need tools to help you on your Continue reading…

5 Qualities of Highly Successful Online Students

5 Qualities of Highly Successful Online Students

5 Qualities of Highly Successful Online Students What differentiate successful online students from the rest? It’s not enough to just avoid mistakes online students make, and know why online students drop out. It’s also important for you to know what Continue reading…