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The chronicle of higher education wrote that the percentage of online students who graduated are really low. This is in line with what I have seen throughout my years of experience in helping online students graduate. Most of the causes are easily curable, however, as an online student, or future online student, you need the extra help in making yourself succeed. Yes, you still need to work hard for it. I’m just giving you the guidance on how to do it, learning from mistakes other online students make.

Low percentages of graduation rates.

How do you decide which online study to take to make sure you will graduate and finish what you would have started? It’s important to know what to prepare beforehand, before it’s too late. When is it too late? You have to start preparing early, before you make any application to any college. Those who failed underestimated the importance of having the right preparation, on time. If you’re looking to study online, or already started, you’re in the right place. You want to download this guide to avoid wasting time, money and energy not doing things right.

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