5 Must-Have Tools for Online Students. Use Them!

5 Must-Have Tools for Online Students. Use Them!

5 Must-Have Tools for Online Students. Use Them!

The Internet has phenomenally revolutionized learning. Knowing what to do and what to avoid to succeed in online learning is not enough. You will also need tools to help you on your journey. Online learning has become even better through applied technology. With smart apps and software to use for convenient and effective learning online, the complexities of studying has now become less. Things are getting easier to get done with the available tools. What are these tools to succeed in online learning? There are literally thousands of them, but you will mostly need the following.

Social media

No, the use of social media is not over rated. Create a social media group with your classmates. Have an ongoing discussions in relations to your assignments, projects, deadline, textbooks, or even, meal recipe. Yes, build a sense of connection with one another so it will help you in your study process. I would recommend either use Facebook or LinkedIn for this purpose. Both have a group option that serves this purpose well. Other than these two, if you don’t already have it, you can download Line. With it, you can easily create a group with your classmates and use it to share file, and have any discussions you like. Feel free to name it with what the group has decided, or you can simply use your program as the name of the group. Right now I am using this with different groups of people and it really helps to communicate faster.

Clouds storage

If you’re not familiar with the term yet, it means storing all of your files online, instead of in your computer. There’s two sides of doing this. One is you don’t have to worry about carrying your hard disc with you. On the other hand, you do need to worry to have an internet connection when you are looking to use the file. Major tech companies have their own versions. Google has Google Drive, while Microsoft provides Microsoft OneDrive. Other major ones include and Dropbox. You can use them for free, up to a certain capacity. Your projects can be conveniently stored in the clouds. With the right setting and provider, your classmates can even also process some files, should you decide too give them access to collaborate.

PC or laptop

Regardless what brand or type of PC or laptop you use, make sure it has the ability to process documents, voice or video recording, and connect to internet without any speed problem. Always read the specifications before making a purchase.

Mobile phone

As Facebook and Google are more eager to provide internet all over the world, as long as you have your mobile phone with you, you can log in to your classroom and follow the discussions there. You might not be able to do much other than following discussions as yet, but it will soon change in the future.


People often underestimate the use of agenda, but it really should be used regularly. Religiously. Agenda helps to give you an oversight of your activities, your to do lists. Meetings, assignments, birthdays, appointments, can all be put into one beautiful thing. Agenda. It doesn’t matter whether you use electronic agenda or the old fashioned pen and paper. As long as you use it. Google and Outlook both provide agenda attached to their emails, you can use this. If you want to use the default agenda in your mobile phone, it’s perfectly fine too. Set everything that’s necessary in your agenda. Have a clear oversight. Why not use the holiday season as a way to inspire people and gift them the gift that can make their days be more organised? A planner.
Those were the 5 must-have tools for online students.

Are you now all wired to use the right tools? Don’t be afraid to seek help if you are doubting what to do in terms of the technical sides of the online learning.

After all, it’s meant to be technical. It’s not necessary to get nervous, especially in the beginning. For once you’re used to everything, it’ll be as easy as flipping a book page. Simple, right?

A bonus tool: if you can buy a second hand textbook, there is no need to buy  new one and it saves you a lot of money. Find your used textbooks here.

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