5 Qualities of Highly Successful Online Students

5 Qualities of Highly Successful Online Students

5 Qualities of Highly Successful Online Students

What differentiate successful online students from the rest? It’s not enough to just avoid mistakes online students make, and know why online students drop out. It’s also important for you to know what the qualities of highly successful online students are. In order to be highly successful, you must have the following qualities.

Manage priorities

A big majority of online students also have other roles. Other than being an online student, you could also be a business owner, a parent, a spouse, or an executive or professional in your company. You need to have the skills to wear different hats at different times and prioritize when to wear which hat. A solution for this is simple. Simply put everything you need to do in your agenda. People tend to make things over complicated, but if you put everything down in your agenda, you will have a complete picture of what needs to be done by when. You can categorise them in three levels of importance: urgent, soon, regularly (morning exercise is an example). Eliminate things that are not important. Simplify your life. I talk about this in my book, Online Learning MASTERY, how to make your life less complicated, so you can manage your priorities better.

Computer skills

Not only able to operate computers and browsing internet but also skilled in making back ups, using shortcuts in words, excel or any programs used. In addition, you need to be good at using clouds, social media and know what tools are useful to help you juggle your work. There are different tools you can use, different apps and software you can download. The next post will be about tools you can use as an online student.


In other word, have a purpose. If you know your life purpose, that’s even better. If not, it’s time to think about it. Have a goal with the right purpose in everything you do. Your brain will work better if you have a purpose and have clarity in which direction you are going. Help your brain to help you reach a higher level in life with your study. Have a purpose, have a goal.


Eliminate distraction. Easier said than done? The less distraction, the more you can focus, hence the easier to discipline yourself. Regardless how tempting things can be, if you eliminate these distractions, you can sit down and do your research better. Make sure you have a place to sit down. How does your workspace look like?

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A skilled reader

Learn to speed read. At the minimum, get into the reading habits. Bill Gates read every night before going to sleep. If you dislike reading, you will have a problem. Get into the habit of loving to read. Leaders are learners. Learners are readers. Once you are in the reading rhythm, practice to read faster. Then speed it up a notch. Until you are a master in speed reading.

Not only will I teach techniques to speed read in my book, I will also teach MASTERY principles in Online Learning MASTERY: Handbook for Online Degrees: 7 Simple Steps to Your Graduation, Reaching A Higher Level in Life. In it, you can learn how to manage Money, Agility (physical and emotional), be Self-organised, manage Time, Elearning, Relationship, and You. The seven areas you need to master in order to succeed and continually reach a higher level in life.

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