Content Marketing: How to Create Content that Engages?

how to create content that engages how to create content that engages


Content Marketing: How to Create Content that Engages?

What is the goal of content marketing? Content creators and content marketers created content that brings an impact to their audience, or at least causes a reader to care about what is being put in front of them. The reality is that this is very challenging to do and it takes time, commitment and relentless effort. At the same time, very rarely that this is done in a short period of time, or within just a few communications.

With technology advancement, the means and media that content publishers have to reach their audience have also increased. However, in contrast to the goal and expectation of content creators, people don’t actually care about the content they see. As we know it, only very few contents make great impact, out of so many out there.

In communications studies, 2 people or parties are not connecting effectively if there are too much noises around. With the existence of social media, more than just traditional means of communicating through TV and magazines, do you think the level of noise is only getting less? It’s rhetoric, in case you didn’t realize.

So, really, how do you create a content that engages your audience?


Today, not only the channels of communications increase, but also the access to become publishers or being published is getting easier. This is the reason why influencers are emerging in mainly social media. In addition, big companies pay these influencers much less money in comparison to the traditional channels or big celebrities. The number of influencers are just getting higher that companies can really choose them based on specific goals and audience.

Who are these companies after? The followers of the influencers. Be it in YouTube, Facebook or other modern channels. The companies are after the influencers’ tribe. Seth Godin wrote a whole book called Tribes about how people need a leader. Nowadays, influencers are seen as leading this tribe of followers.

Stand out from the crowd.

According to Seth Godin, if you’re remarkable, then you would stand out and therefore it’s easier for people to recognize and remember you. All cows are black and white, or at least all cows I have personally seen. If you saw another black and white cow, you wouldn’t notice at all. However, if you saw a purple cow, you’d immediately notice its presence and therefore recognize it. You might also still remember it the day after, if the cow is lucky.

Also, you stand out from the crowd by being above average. This he talks about in his book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?. In the eyes of your audience, are you currently doing something outrageously different than others that you become memorable? Have you found your purple? Are you putting more hours than your competitors?

Build raving fans.

Build your tribe, make them your raving fan. Guy Kawasaki was Apple’s Chief Evangelist. He treated people as a religion that its tribe needed  to become like a religion to apple fans. People need leaders, they need to be led. Provide benefit and useful information, product or service to your tribe. Create a tribe that’s religiously sticking to you that they become your defender and promoter. So, how are you able to be their leader, you might ask.

Be an authority.

If you want to be a leader, it would really help if you become an authority, or at least an expert, in your field. Brendon Burchard shows you how in his book the Millionaire Messenger. However, it’s no use having an expertise and being an authority in something if you don’t know how to communicate with your tribe, your audience, or your community. So how do you communicate with your audience, you might ask again.

Create conversation.

As a content marketer, or business owners, if you want to communicate with your community, just like communicating with other people, you need to create a conversation. Not just a quick chat to spare you from awkwardness like what people normally do in lift or waiting room, but a sincere, engaging and warm conversation. One that your audience knows that you really care. Because only until then will they possibly start to care. Only when they know that you do. What you do is you enter their conversation, instead of interrupting it like the old popular believe. It doesn’t work that way any more.

Gary Vaynerchuk gives a great whole explanation about this in Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”


Batching your content makes it easier for your clients to absorb and understand your message. It also helps you to create a more structured content. If you followed this blog for some time, you would have noticed I also batch my contents.

Pay it forward.

This is not only valid for content marketing, this goes to all aspects in life. When creating content, if you pay it forward by providing great useful message to your audience, it’s another way of showing them you care. Again, when they know you do, they too will care. Paying it forward always work. It’s just human psychology. A great film on this that’s really worth watching is called Pay It Forward. It’s an old movie but the message is timeless.


Always appreciate your clients, audience and everyone around you. Thank them for reading, listening, buying, everything others do for you.


As noisy as the content landscape is now, the message needs to be customized. There is now technology that enables YouTube advertiser to advertise adapting to people’s watch behavior and it’s updated real-time. A content strategist needs to be able to communicate directly to its audience as if you’re only talking to the reader in person, not mass communication. How do you do this?


This is when it can get technical. Know who you’re communicating with, using analytics, data, figuring out the likes and wants of your audience. This way you build their know like and trust.


Not only the message of the content needs to be personal, it also needs to resonate. Say something relevant that your audience can connect with you.

Time bound.

It also helps that the content is given timely. This usually relates to special calendar period or events.

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Content marketing: how to create content that engages?

As you have read, it’s now necessary to strategize with your audience. Business owners and companies should be creating contents, using different platforms. How about as an individual? Everyone has an audience, delivering content on daily basis. Be it to family, spouse, boss, clients, you name it. Apply the same principles to increase good quality of engagement, ultimately relationships. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is working together in telling stories that resonate to audience that are relevant. Also when they are ready to make buying decision. Follow the steps above to have long-lasting close connections with your audience, your customers.

Thank you for reading. You’re welcome to fill out the form below if you have questions, or if you want to share your story applying these key points. Or simply if you want to learn more.

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