Content Marketing: 3 Storytelling Techniques for Your Brand & Business


Content Marketing: 3 Storytelling Techniques for Your Brand & Business

We have now learnt how to create content that’s engaging. How about storytelling techniques you can use for your brand and business to attract more people? Businesses are facing issues with attracting the right type of people. Here are the 3 most common ways to tell your stories so you get to the right audience you’re targeting. I’m going to show you content marketing storytelling techniques.

When you’re telling your story, always remember that telling is showing. Describe what you want to tell, instead of just saying it.

Story of struggle.

Everyone on earth has story of struggles. The most successful people are also known for their ability in overcoming challenges in the past, or even at present. Jack Ma taught himself English by offering tour guide service to American tourists, Oprah was abused as a child and discriminated in her early career, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, an icon he created and founded. How did they all turn out? Much more than “just fine”, wouldn’t you say? Brands like Hewlett Packard, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s didn’t just become how they are now, without having faced struggles in the early days. People like to hear story of struggles as their source of inspirations. For them, it’s also a way of knowing that they too can overcome. That they still have hope. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum was living on food stamps, he then successfully sold the app to Facebook for USD 22 Billion. There really is hope.

If you don’t have an overly dramatic story of struggle, don’t despair. While many people do, not everyone has it. You can then tell about your daily struggle. For example, getting lost in the middle of nowhere, not having a map with you while your phone battery is just as empty as the wallet in your pocket. Well, that, too, is a little overdramatized, but you get my point. Share with your community how you have won over your challenges. This is great because as it is a source of inspiration, it resonates with many people. You do need to be authentic in telling your story of struggle that it connects to people who follow you in getting to know you more. The biggest myth is to think that you need to have a dramatic type of Hollywood blockbuster story. This isn’t true.

My struggle.

In my book, Online Learning MASTERY, which I wrote to help online students to succeed, I shared how I overcame having had to loose my childhood best friend. Twice. To most people it’s probably nothing too dramatic, but to me it felt like my whole world was falling apart. Twice. Then early this year I lost my father. I have shared this on my Instagram. This was nothing like the world was falling apart. This was like I started to live an extra terrestrial life, not having my father as a source of protection, guidance and example. The great thing, though, is that he’s left his legacy that I will live up to. I will share here about it soon.

I did it my way.

This is when you walk away from something to start walking your own path. This is the second one, of three content marketing storytelling techniques. Sergey Brin and Larry Page; Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all walked away from their studies to focus on Google, Microsoft and Facebook, respectively. I am not in any way suggesting that you should walk away from your studies. This is an example of another technique of telling your story, that you have once walked away from something, or someone, in order to do something new. A total life make over. Jeff Bezos left his job and founded Amazon in his garage.

Whatever you do, however, try your very best not to leave your spouse behind. Always take him, or her, on the journey with you.

Countless people have flocked to Hollywood for their acting, singing, or a career in the entertainment industry. Elon Musk left his birth country South Africa, to be closer to his promised land, USA. I have a similar story where I had to leave Indonesia to follow my parents’ journey to Europe. I then started my own story of struggle in a small country of the Netherlands.

What has your brand and business done to set itself apart to start a new course? Maybe you can tell that story to your audience, your community.

We’re in this together.

I love to travel. In some of my trips I have travelled solo. The very first time I did, I was overwhelmed by fear and worries of not being able to come out of the trip alive and well. This is very common to feel if you are going through something on your own, especially something new. Just like being on a first day at a new school. I understand the fear of being alone in a foreign land, not knowing anything about it other than what I see on pictures or hear from others. To make it worse, not personally knowing anyone, nor speaking the language. For me, however, this is now what makes traveling interesting. To keep finding new frontiers.

Entrepreneurs and online students go through the same stages. As a business or brand owner or manager, you can talk to your clients and tell them something that makes them feel they’re not alone. Big FMCG brands create a sense of family or friendship in their campaigns, and show a message of being together, not being alone in a journey.

People are also afraid of sharing their mistakes or to look vulnerable. This is another way of connecting to them by letting them they are not the only ones making mistakes. I attended a seminar where Robert Kiyosaki was a speaker, and he even suggested to make mistakes, the sooner the better. Do learn from it, though, not just blindly making these mistakes. He, by the way, walked away from the teachings of his real dad and learnt from his rich dad instead.

A great thing to do to connect to people is to share your embarrassing moments. Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, does this very often. The most epic one was when she shared her video doing a stand up comedy. I, for one, am not that far in sharing my embarrassment as yet. I might just have to start doing that too.

Those were the 3 content marketing storytelling techniques. What’s your story?

Which technique will you use?

Whichever techniques you use to talk to your community, remember to tell your story where your community is at. Now you know content marketing storytelling techniques, be present where these people are. That’s what branding does. Advertising in its early days was people telling others about you. They only do this if they connect with you, other than just feel happy with your service. How do they connect? Apply the above techniques.

Story telling in content marketing
Good content is not story telling. It’s telling your story that resonates. -Atalia Felicia-

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