Digital Living: Behind the Scenes.

Digital Leaving Behind the Scenes

Digital Living: Behind the Scenes.

Nowadays there is no day goes by without us doing something digital. Be it in metropolitan cities or the most rural areas. Today, everyone uses digital technology everyday, everywhere. In addition, Facebook and Google are both expanding new frontiers to where they can bring internet connection to the unreached areas, through drones or other means. In other words, there is no escaping, we can’t live without it. After the basic Digital Marketing 101, we are now going to look deeper into how it is affecting us daily.

All Things Digital.

So, what does that mean for you as a professional, marketers, business owners, or executives? Just like with most other things, we can complain about it, or make the best of it. It is now embedded to our lives. Whether it’s in social media, reading online news or searching for work or assignment in search engine. Now that we live digitally, do you know the behind-the-scenes of things we do on this digital, virtual world? Did you know that every little thing we do online can be measured and made analytics of? Almost everything. What you click, where you’re clicking it from and what is the source of your information, to name a few.

Digital Landscape.

After the world was shocked by the Cambridge Analytica case, it’s worth knowing a little about what we actually do and what the technical terms are. If you’ve never heard of the case before, you can read about it here.

How is our digital landscape looking like? Let’s have a look now.

Social Media.

I love social media. Before the Facebook era, I was using other platforms, which no longer exist today, to connect with friends and families who were thousand of miles away. Today, the use of social media has grown. Mark Zuckerberg was asked to predict the future of Facebook in its early days, he honestly said he couldn’t even predict what would become of Facebook.

The low profile looking visionary who is a big hustler was not even able so see his company as the way we see it today. It’s a compliment, as Facebook now does a lot more than it did when I first joined. There are other platforms than just Facebook, like Instagram, WhatsApp, which both are still owned by Mr Zuck. The rest are Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat. Our activities in all these platforms can be measured resulting in certain analytics, data and statistics. How and why exactly? Let me know if you are interested to know more about this.

Search Engines.

Just like Facebook in the social media scene, Google, with its parent company Alphabet, is dominating the search engine world. Is it the only one there is? No, it isn’t. There are also Bing, Yandex (mostly in Russia), Baidu (China), among others. When I was in China, I felt digitally paralyzed as nothing on my mobile seemed to work. They use a completely different digital landscape than what we know.

Just like the first time I landed in Europe, US, in China then, I felt like I was in another universe. In my eyes, theirs seem more advanced and integrated. You even pay for a massage chair at the airport through your mobile phone. Which of course I couldn’t do as I didn’t have anything that worked in China. Digitally, then.

How do search engines work?

What do search engines do? If you think it’s only answering your search, you need to think again. Try searching in search engine what search engine actually does. The results may or may not surprise you. Sure, the bottom line it’s still crawling and giving you the results of key words that you typed in. What’s happening behind the scene, though? What are the ways people or organizations have to take in order to catch your attention and win the first list on the first page?

There are really only 2 ways to do this. Free or paid. Organic or ads. The ways to do these 2, however, are much more complicated than you ever intended or imagined when typing-in your key-word. Surprisingly, or not, the best place to find out about how it works is at Google. Not only by Googling it, but through and from Google, you can learn how you can crawl up the search engine stardom. If you want me to write more on this, you’re welcome to send an email or a message.

Online Shopping.

There is not much to explain about this. We all have been doing shopping almost our entire lives. This time, however, instead of physically travel to the shop, the shop comes to our home, through our screens. I have been shopping online since the days people I know said they needed to see the actual product before making any purchase. Needless to say, they have long been converted to online ever since.

To me, shopping online does so much more than just saving time. It also saves the cost of getting there, energy to try different clothes on, walking around the different shops, and it answers our limit to be omnipresent, be at different places at the same time. Convenience is key? Not always.

Online Shopping Behavior.

Just like the social media platforms and search engines, if you’re a buyer, you might not realize what’s happening behind the scene in order to entice you to buy. If you’re a marketer, then you need to know how your buyer’s behavior and buying decisions, why a shopping cart is abandoned and what to do with it. It’s a whole interesting world in just getting a product sold through any given ecommerce platform. Did you ever wonder how in the world the sites you visit seem to know what your shopping interests are? I can dig deeper into this, if you’re interested to learn more about it.

Digital X-Men.

Why do we have to know them? Knowing who they are won’t probably directly change your life. I thought it’s just worth knowing since they are some of the biggest influencers in the industry, and to me they should be the X-Men off Marvel world.

Let’s do a quick trivia quiz of who founded which company or brand.

  1. Who is the founder/co-founder of PaypPal?
  2. Who is the founder/co-founder of Alibaba?
  3. Who is the founder/co-founder of Amazon?
  4. Who is the founder/co-founder of Google?
  5. Who is the founder/co-founder of Microsoft?
  6. Who is the founder/co-founder of Facebook?

A) Jack Ma. B) Jeff Bezos. C) Mark Zuckerberg. D) Bill Gates. E) Elon Musk. F) Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Answers are at the end of this article.

Who do you think is missing from the Digital X-Men? Write me so I might just add the person.

What’s next?

Are you over whelmed already? The world of digital goes on. Fintech, bitcoin, data mining, cyber security, are some of the next big thing, all of which have already started. It’s a limitless venture.

In 1965, Gordon Moore made a prediction that would set the pace for our modern digital revolution. From careful observation of an emerging trend, Moore extrapolated that computing would dramatically increase in power, and decrease in relative cost, at an exponential pace.

What’s in it for you?

So, why do we learn all this? With privacy issues going on, and to have more understanding about what we do on daily basis, the behind the scenes, it is in my hope and expectation that we are at least be a bit more aware on how the digital world works, so in turn will make the right choices and do what we feel is to be our own best interest. Certainly use it positively and where you can, use it to your advantage. There are countless useful things you can do, for example by perhaps building your digital presence online. This would be good for your business, career, or just to increase awareness, like what I’m trying to do now with this post.

Online Income.

Making money online is another thing you can take advantage of. Selling your creations online, provide your service, all from home or mobile. Be the expert and authority in your field. The first step to have an online presence is to buy a domain name, and create your own website. This does not have to be complicated at all. Now you can be more aware when using social media, be more creative with your search engine options, more conscious with the ads you see online and more importantly, teach this to your children and loved ones as well.

Share us your story about your experience when doing this. Next post will be about the key elements of Digital Marketing. See you there.

Answers: 1: E. 2: A. 3: B. 4: F. 5: D. 6: C.

You have read: Digital Living: Behind the Scenes.

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