Digital Marketing: Key Elements.

Digital Marketing Key Elements


Digital Marketing: Key Elements.

After learning how our lives are affected by the digital of things, we are now going to see the key elements of digital marketing. What do you need to know in order to get a more thorough understanding of how digital marketing works? What things are involved? How are they comparable to our daily off-line world, before everything was digitalized? If you’re a digital marketer, what do you need to know to be successful?

Online versus Offline.

The simplest way to think of the digital world, is to see it as the normal world before the digital age. Everything that is taking place online, there’s a direct or similar comparison offline. Almost everything. There are disruptors like Uber that doesn’t have quite a comparison offline. Not in my eyes, in any case.

So, what activities are comparable? We have law makers in every country that set regulations that common people like you and I have to follow. In the digital world, there are key players like Google, YouTube and their parent company Alphabet, Facebook, Alibaba and Amazon. These companies, whether we like it or not, whether you agree or disagree, are defining the rules of the game in the digital play field. They are not lawmakers, but they direct the course of where people go with digital marketing. This is not to say that they are untouchable by law, I’m talking more about the fact that these companies are creators of the digital marketing ecosystem, determining the unwritten rules.

I hope you see my point. It will make more sense as you read along. Keeping that in mind, that these giants are the ones driving the ways the digital world take, we can structure our conversation much clearer. The landscape is way different in China, but the system will be based on approximately the same set of activities and platforms.

What are the key elements of digital marketing?

Let’s now look at the main ones. For the purpose of limiting the scope of the post, I am now just going to give brief definition and comparison of each one of them. As always, if you’re interested to know more about each element, you’re welcome to send an email or message through Instagram.

Search engine.

As discussed in previous post, there’s much more to search engine than meets the eye. Not only the behind the scenes of how it works, but also the use of search engine itself, which is practically indispensable to everyone alive today, even toddlers, considering how much YouTube is now consumed by these young innocent ones too. YouTube, by the way, is considered as a search engine now. Did you know that? Since Google is the biggest one, we tend to use only what Google has, while Bing also delivers quality search results.

Tools in search engine.

My personal favorite use of search engine is the map, to search for locations. If you’re a local business owner, there’s a number of tools you can use just using Google map. Are you using any of this? If not yet, you really should, considering it’s available for free. I can help you with increasing more online presence as a local business in your area. Search engine is really a business directory, encyclopedia, phone book rolled into one, and more. It is that powerful.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows a website page to be optimized in a way that it’s more searchable with a relevant key word. SMO (Search Marketing Optimization) is the paid version of SEO.


In digital marketing, online shop, or e-commerce, has taken over traditional shops by storm. Countless shopping malls and retail giants have gone into bankruptcy not being prepared at all by the potential power that the online shops would have had back when these online shops were just starting. Jeff Bezos with his Amazon and Jack Ma with his Alibaba have definitely changed the landscape of how people do shopping today.

Digital marketing now involves studying how you do your online shopping, how you make your buying decision, when and where you are purchasing from, among others. Just like in the old non digital days, our data and profile are very important to marketers. Except that the time to process this data now is probably a thousand times faster than before. Just a manner of speaking.

Online Ads.

A giant FMCG company spending the second biggest ads budget is now shifting this budget to be more oriented towards online. The potential of online advertising is more than huge and right now. We are still way at the beginning of the top of the iceberg. There’s much more to discover, and spend, at the bottom. If you think it’s now a big industry, it’s actually still tiny in comparison to what it will become. Just like in the offline world, the online ads have display ads with pictures like in the magazines or billboards. There is also text ads, like classified ads on news papers. There’s of course video ads, to compare it with TVC. These ads can be made customized, we would think it was made just for us.


In the offline world, you would see different ads at different places you go, even on the streets or bus stops, or at home listening to the radio or watching TV. Online, this can be done with much more customization, basing on consumers’ data presented through their browsing behavior or other information. There are different tools to read this. The most common one is Google Analytics. A digital marketer needs to read how the consumer thinks, in order to meet the potential consumer at the right touch point at the right time, resulting in a purchase, or even getting an upsell. Have you ever seen “You might like this” when shopping online? This will be comparable to “Would you like a larger fries to go with it?” when you just ordered a burger menu. Very interesting, right?

Marketing Automation.

You might have received a mail or a catalog in your mail box from a company updating you with new information or simply showing the latest summer collection. This of course also happens in the online world. Except that instead of doing it manually, everything is already set up nicely, fully automated. A digital marketer needs not only to be able to do this set up, but more importantly to know when to send what message, that triggers the email receiver to either click the email, or use a coupon to shop. Much more convenient than having to walk to the post office, or calling UPS to pick up the mails, right? There are countless software options to do this. Mostly paid, depending on how you are going to use it. Some of the bigger names are Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber and more. For social media, it’s Hootsuite, or a scheduler.


Affiliate is a system where you will get a percentage or a fixed amount of the sale, if you recommend a product or service to someone you know. You being their referral. A digital world of affiliates can be found in ClickBank, but there are loads more other platforms where you can sell products of others and earn an extra income on the side. This might be a possibility for you and your family?

Airbnb’s exponential growth in the beginning was largely due to the successful referral system they offer. Uber is doing this by giving you a free ride if you recommend them to people and these people join uber. Very simple, yet again, not that simple.

Digital Marketing Strategy.

It is the ability to mix the elements resulting in meeting certain goals set by an organization. Still not many people know how to do this properly. Even large corporations often confused a strategy with more tactful steps focusing on just a few of the many elements. You can’t say you’re strategizing if you’re only looking at Facebook as your only tool, for example. Unless of course you know for sure that the only place your audience is spending most of their time is on Facebook. If you don’t have this insight, than you’re just limiting yourself from a much broader possibility of meeting your clients at other potential touchpoints.

Infinite possibilities.

Remember I said the possibilities of digital marketing is endless? I hope you are convinced by now. In any case, it’s a world that’s going to be bigger than the traditional offline world as we have known for centuries. Can you imagine the whole market and trade world-wide is going to get multiplied to an infinite scale? I can’t. Mark Zuckerberg was asked in an interview where he thought Facebook would be in many years to come, he said it’s really hard to tell. Well, it’s changing the world as we know it, that for sure.

What to do?

If you’re a business owner you definitely must learn to do digital marketing properly. This is also true for marketers. Especially if you’re a startup trying to make it through the more established companies. The world of digital marketing will only get bigger and bigger, competition more fierce and in the much faster speed than how we are seeing it today. So, brace yourself as it’s going to be a very fun ride.

If you need to learn more about digital marketing, send me a message so I can help you. You can find me on Instagram or simply fill out the form below. I will be happy to get back to you. There are many places you can learn digital marketing, most of them are either over priced or very  basic.

Do you have anything to add or something you agree or disagree? We’d love to hear it. Write your comment in the form below.

You have read: Digital Marketing: Key Elements.

Next we will learn how to become mentally strong. How to use the power of our mind. Every single person on the planet needs this. All diseases, burn outs, are down to the fact that we don’t manage our minds correctly. Stay tuned.

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