How to Decide Which Online Study to Take?

How to Decide which Online Study to Take?


How to Decide which Online Study to Take?

The Chronicle of Higher Education shows very low graduation rates. US News suggests that graduation rate of online program is lower than on campus. The key is to prepare well. In order to prepare right, it’s important to know what to prepare beforehand. Knowing what and when to prepare is just the first half of the preparation itself, before it’s too late or you take the wrong direction. Start preparing early, before you start your admissions process. To decrease your risk of dropping out of an online program, is to make sure you start the right one in the first place. Simple, right? I have seen too many students drop out of a program because it’s not really as they expected. So, it’s very important to set your expectation right. How do you know what to expect? By doing your homework. If you have done your research prior to applying, and apply when you know it’s the right program for you, this will help you a lot in having a smooth progress of study. During onboarding, and the whole study period.

How to Decide which Online Study to Take?

You are probably wondering what and how to prepare. There are different things to look at, but I broke it down to 7 steps, to make it easier for you to handle:

1. Purpose

This is your why. As the saying goes:

the bigger the why, the easier the how.

2. Planning

There are many aspect to cover in planning: timing, money, informing stakeholders (these can be your spouse and employers, among others) and ask for support. Also plan to be your own support if others are not so supportive.

3. Pipeline

This needs research on the available programs and colleges, and select which ones you are going for. One thing for sure, avoid fake degrees at all cost.

4. Prestige

Does the education institution you’re applying for have a good reputation? Many people still consider this as being very important, to some degree. It is important, but when it comes to university ranking, I personally think it’s slightly over rated. One thing important is that the program or institution will have a certain accreditation.

5. People

This includes everyone involved in your online study: staff, instructors/lecturers, classmates, alumni. See if you can work well with the people. This is also important to know how to decide which online study to take.

6. Placement

Finding a job is your own responsibility but some online students find this important in their search criteria.

7. Post study

Are there any activities post graduation? Will you be part of an alumni network? Will you have a better career from the degree? Some professions are replaced by technologies, find out which ones so you don’t start something that’s not going to exist for a much longer time.

Choose and choose wisely. This is not only affecting you but also your loved ones. My life was changed for the better, much better, after my father completed his MBA. how do you portray your life after your study completion? Do not underestimate the steps you need to make to prepare.

I have prepared a free eBook as my gift to you. Enter your name and email at Free video series will follow after that, to explain each point in more detailed. Download the eBook and watch the video series, it will help you get acquainted in many things, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Also,  if you want to learn more about what to do to increase your chance to graduate, you can find more in my book: Online Learning MASTERY: Handbook for Online Degrees: 7 Simple Steps to Your Graduation, Reaching A Higher Level in Life.

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