What Does It Mean to Level up in Life and Why Do It?

Level up in life.

Level up in life.

What does it mean? Why do it? Gamification is today’s buzzword. There is much more to it than just a passing hype. You will not only be able to play games but also have fun and learn while doing it. When playing games, you can muster up the motivation to get it done, it is what gamification is all about. To be done with one level and go on to the next, to finally reach the end goal.

You usually start at Level One. You’re still a beginner, a rookie, a newbie. As you take particular actions and paths along the way, you accumulate points. As soon as you have enough points, you move up to the next level, and suddenly you’re up a level. You move up from one level to the next, and eventually, you’re moving all the way up to the top-level.

When playing games, you accumulate points by doing one or more of the following.

  1. Participate in quests.
  2. Take quizzes.
  3. Create new lenses.
  4. Add your input to polls.
  5. Visit the other lenses and leave comments.

Each time you take one of these actions, you will get a point. As you level up, you get more rewards, such as:

  1. Access to newsletter that offers helpful tips to play and gain even more points.
  2. Access to more modules.
  3. You get larger range of templates to select from.
  4. Get trophies.
  5. Increased opportunities to get rewards.

Level up in life

In life, you will be able to level up through different ways, just like when you would in playing games. In life, you still take part in quests, take quizzes, but then in a much larger scale.

How does it work?

  1. By first knowing your current level, where you are.
  2. Not comparing yourself to those who are at higher level.
  3. Knowing that you will not be able to jump from 1st level to the 10th level. You must follow the steps.
  4. Determine the actions you have to take to level up.
  5. Determine what the next level looks like for your life.
  6. Actually take the actions.
  7. Get help, find a mentor. Be teachable and willing to learn.
  8. Reward yourself.
  9. Keep leveling up, and never give up. Be tenacious.

Which level are you now? What will your top-level look like?

We were created to constantly go up a level. Therefore we collect the points to reach this new level. The easiest example would be to compare this to taking school exams to go to a higher grade. Life has its own exams which we always have to take. Lest we stay at the same level, and it’s the worst thing in life. To stay the same for a long time. Have a purpose, get the education needed, to influence and serve others. Create your game, play by the rule, in it to win it. Level up in life.

Think about your top-level of life. How will it look like? How do you level up in life?

Next post will delve deeper on how to level up in life. Check it out.

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