MOOC search. MOOC degree! MOOC courses.

MOOC search. MOOC degree! MOOC courses.

MOOC search. MOOC degree! MOOC courses.

What’s MOOC? How did it start? Who coined the phrase? How can you make use of it?

MOOC search.


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), has only just been born and is currently in the process of transformation. With that, no one is able to categorically say what MOOC actually is. There are some who says that MOOC evolved from OpenCourseWare which was first created in 2001 by the MIT. The word MOOC was first coined by Dave Cormier during the “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” course in the University of Prince Edward Island. Back then, there were 25 students who paid tuition while 2300 non-paying students who took the same course online.


A MOOC is basically a free distance learning program based on Web and is designed so that a large number of students dispersed geographically can participate. Most often, a MOOC is patterned from a university or college course and may be less structured compared to university courses.

MOOC degree!

After only been available as certifications since its early conception, MOOC has now grown to become a full degree awarding program. Launched by University of Illinois and Coursera. Master of Computer Science in Data Science. Price tag: USD 19200. A very interesting option for students, especially those with cash. I wonder what the main difference would be with other online college degrees, though.
Worldwide, there are now 14 Universities launching MicroMasters, which enables you to take MOOC courses through edX, until up to half of the full Master’s programs. It sounds like a great initiative, but we still have to see how it evolves. Nevertheless, it’s a good progress. In the UK, MOOC is catching up with awarding academic credits, pioneered by Leeds University and Open University.

What an exciting period we are seeing with the online learning world now (and tomorrow!)! Does this mean we can all forget about taking a full academic Master’s program? Not quite yet, but possibly sooner than we think. Clearly, universities need to keep innovating their ways to provide quality education for your needs. You have more options, make use of it!

MOOC courses.

How it works

There has always been access to online courses through the internet. However, MOOC offers a far better quality education, meaning, provided by well-reputed academic institutions. In addition, MOOC courses offer the kind of education that motivates students all over the world lacking access to top universities to embrace the best way towards obtaining sophisticated skills. Moreover, it can be good for practice, as a starting point, and when you take a useful course for your career or life goal.
However, these are typically non-degree programs, which means you can gain useful knowledge, but won’t be able to use these classes to attain a degree. So, choose carefully, as if pay you for them, since you do pay with time and effort. Consider the opportunity cost, what you lose from taking the class. Then compare it to what you gain from doing it. One great advantage of MOOCs is that some offer famous faculty members and provide easier and quicker learning.


The biggest MOOC providers at this moment are:

  • EdX hordes online university and college level courses in an extensive range of masteries to global students and provides some of these classes without a charge.
  • Coursera aims to aid people in learning faster and better.
  • Khan Academy provides practical exercises, educative videos, and a customized studying platform that empowers students to learn at their own time, in and outside of the lecture hall.
  • Lynda, Udacity and General Assembly. Lynda provides paid programs and trainings suited to your career needs.

Lastly, it’s important to know why you study and what to use it for to choose which program you want to take and where to take it.
MOOC search. MOOC degree! MOOC courses.

To MOOC or not to MOOC? You have the answer.

Students study online for different reasons like career change and to improve qualification, go to higher level. Have you found yours?

You’ve read: MOOC search. MOOC degree! MOOC courses.

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