The Power of Storytelling

the power of storytelling

The Power of Storytelling.

When it comes to telling a story, who would come up first in your mind? Why did these names appear in your mind? Most people probably think of the legendary Walt Disney or Hans Christian Andersen. While others might include Mark Twain or Ernest Hemingway in mind. During my first ever visit to Dubai, I went to a shopping mall called Ibn Battuta Mall. It turned out he’s one of the greatest story teller, telling stories after stories in his book, The Travels. He would be a travel-blogger if he was living in our time. These people are the classic ones most people know.

Today, using the power of story telling, Hollywood blockbusters dominate this world, if not your world. How do they do it? How did Walt Disney create a mouse into a character that everyone on this earth is familiar with? He was a pure genius, I agree, but how did he manage to enter just about any household of today? He does this through screens and merchandise, among others. It all started with a story.

What is story telling?

What makes a good story? How should a story be told? There are many books out there you can read which will teach you about story telling. I would recommend Jennifer Aaker’s The Dragon Fly Effect and Nancy Duarte’s Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences. One of my mentors is Bo Eason. Personally learnt from Al Pacino himself, Bo wrote and performed his one-man play, Runt of the Litter, which opened in New York to rave reviews. The New York Times called it, “One of the most powerful plays in the last decade.” He’s known to teach his students the lifer and predator concept.

What’s a lifer? In short, it’s to be highly dedicated at what you do. To still be standing regardless any storm and get up even if you fall. That’s a lifer. So, having a great story to tell is not enough. You would also need to be persistent in what you do, in telling your story.

The best story ever told.

“For sale, baby shoes, never worn.” Ernest Hemingway.

I used to think that stories need to be pages long containing hundreds if not thousands of words. However, Ernest Hemingway showed that it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. For example, he created this six-word-story.

Be short, be sweet, be clear. Get a piece of paper and a pen, and try to write down your version of six word stories.

Stanford Graduate School of Business has this written as its slogan:

Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world.

What would you say the best story is? Live the story you would want to tell. Your story is the best story you can ever write, to inspire your next generation and impact community.
As for my story, you can read it here. So the best story is yours to write and tell. You control the power of your story telling.

The best story teller.

What do all these have to do with online learning? You might ask. Well, realize that story telling does affect every aspect of our lives. In your learning process, in your career, mastering your story telling skill will take you far and above. How about incorporating it into your essays? Ultimately, mastering story telling will not only allow you to spread your influence wider, it will also take your followers with you into a higher level of what it is you are looking to show and teach them.

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.” Gary Vaynerchuk.

All founders of big companies and big brands out there are great story tellers. Think of Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, even Tabasco! How to be the best story teller? I will teach you this on the next blog post. If your story is the best story to tell, then you are the best story teller. You are the best story teller telling your own story.

Why do you need to get your message across? Why do you need to tell your story? How do you tell your impactful story?

You have read: The Power of Storytelling.

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