The Art of Story Telling.

art of story telling


The Art of Story Telling.

I will share with you now the art of story telling, after the previous blog post on the power of story telling. In it I talked about why it’s important to tell your story. In this post I will teach you more about how and the basic techniques to share your story. Also, how to craft it to gauge your audience’s attention. Story telling is very broad and can be really useful for all types of purpose and for everyone. However, to narrow down my scope of writing and to make it relevant to you, I will teach you how to tell your story to strengthen your self-image. This is in relation to self-branding, what I also write about in my book. As a professional and entrepreneur, you will need to craft your powerful personal branding. I will also cover public speaking, since it’s closely related to story telling.

Why do you need to tell your story?

Everyone has a story to tell. Including you. The biggest myth about story telling is that people don’t think they have something interesting or important enough to tell. If you agree with this about yourself, you should stop believing that. You need to tell your story and get your message across, to provide value for your community. How do you tell your impactful story? You do this by having a signature story. How do you create a signature story? Read on.

Creating signature story

Here are 3 steps to create your signature story:

Find your most profound moment.

First and for most, you need to find a moment in your life, where it gives you the most impact. America has the living the American dream. Apple has Steve Job’s humble beginning in a garage, a similar story to Google. What have been your most profound moment in life that was so pivotal? That’s just one clue for you to start with.

Make it simple and memorable.

Don’t go too complicated and long winding. Help people understand by using simple language, avoid too technical terms. Never forget that people have short attention span. You have as little as 2 seconds in order for people to judge you. Yes, with social media and other distraction around, we don’t have much time to leave an impression on someone. So if you don’t get them in the first two seconds, you might lose them forever.

Be authentic.

Last and most importantly, be your real self. Have your own style, your own voice. You can try copying someone else but it will not last long, you will get tired at some point. In addition, people will soon realize you’re not being you.

Dare to be you.

Find three people you are most inspired with. What do you think their signature’s stories are?

Now that you have learnt the art of story telling, start crafting your own.

Once again, know that you have the best story to tell, and you are the best story-teller of your story! Go out there and amplify your message with your story telling.
I don’t really watch horror movie, but I will leave you with a great quote from Stephen King.

“Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.”
― Stephen King,

So, every time you tell your story, please remember you’re not telling it to yourself. You must take your audience in to account.

If you need help in writing your story, I can coach you to get the best story that brings out the best in you.

You have read: The Art of Storytelling.

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