Tips for online college students

Tips for online college students

Tips for online college students

Goal, Gadget, Grip, Greatness

As online learning is not for everyone, it helps to prepare to know in advance on how you can be successful in it. If you are considering on taking online courses, a few tips would help to ensure your success.

Remember the 4G’s:


There are many theories on goal setting out there, what I find to be the best is to start with the end in mind. Have a purpose on why you are taking the online program. How is this program going to help you reach your life by design?

“Discipline comes from a clear vision, not certain set of rules and regulations.” Atalia Felicia, author of Online Learning MASTERY: Handbook for Online Degrees.

People get bored easily, lose interest in what they do when going through what is perceived as failure. So they quit. When you have a clear goal, you are able to see failure as a learning process, and not a dead-end.

The only way you can stay on track is by having a clear goal in mind. Something that will keep you going no matter what. It works the same way with online learning. Online students tend to repeat the same mistakes, this is something you need to be aware of. Learn from the mistakes others have had in the past. When you go through the sleepless nights, reading hundreds of pages, stay focus on your goal, persistence is the key to follow through. It keeps you motivated. You need to have a goal. Think clearly about what you want to achieve. At this stage, you need to have clarity. Clarity in life, career, family, money, relationships, everything.


You don’t need the most advance, but certainly enough to process documents and do your academic research. Know about the accreditations, how credible the colleges are, as there are many fake colleges out there. Aren’t we glad that Facebook and Google keep innovating in terms of making this world more connected? I love how Mark Zuckerberg go to places that’s outside of media radar, to find out how he can help solve people problem. Facebook will stay for a long time. When you have access to Facebook, it almost certainly mean you can use your online class, regardless where you are in the world. Don’t you just love that?

There are tools that will help you to succeed in learning online. The most important thing is for you to have access to a good, stable Internet connection and the best computer you can find. At the same time, you have to make sure that you can navigate the computer well so you don’t waste time figuring the technology first. Depending on how old you are, this skills vary between age. Millennials and baby boomers have different things they are used to.


Online learning is challenging. With the flexible schedule, it’s easy not to fall back in the habit of missing classes. This is why it is important that you get a grip not only on handling the schedule of your class but in money as well. If you don’t have a firm grip – discipline – to yourself, you’ll end up wasting money and not learning a thing. Get a good grip on your finance, time and self management. It can get out of hand if you don’t master the skills needed to handle all of your activities.

You also need to get a grip on your finances and budgets. One way to save money is buy buying second hand books instead of new ones.


Lastly, you must have confidence in yourself. Your own ability of completing the program and creating your life that you design with the knowledge. Online learning is not easy but you shouldn’t be discouraged. You need to have trust that you are capable of self-discipline, stay consistent and follow through your goals. You have greatness in you. Follow your dream, start doing and never give up!

Tips for online college students. Follow the tips to succeed. Whenever and wherever you study online, always carry these 4G’s with you. Ultimately, it’s about having a purpose and life design, completing the right education, to influence others with your story.

Is studying online one of your resolutions in 2017? Let’s not make it just a resolution, but reality.

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