Top Ranked Online Colleges and Universities, a Review

Top Ranked Online Colleges and Universities, a Review

Top ranked online colleges and universities

In the past, there were only a few sources of university ranking, including It is such a privillege to be listed in ranking. In addition, the list is very highly esteemed that people could rely on the quality of the list. Nowadays, however, there are way too many rankings available, you’re not even sure whether they implement rigorous procedures in creating the list.

International rankings

University rankings are created to list the most well – reputed universities in a country, region or internationally. Examples of the international ranking systems are:

However, these are mostly on-campus programs. For online studies, there has still to be one that can be considered to be reliable and trustworthy, the way is perceived. Surely, there are many available out there, but one still has to come out as the strongest available source. Each of these university ranking systems use different approaches. Therefore, the results of the rankings are also different from one to the other.

Ranking criterion

Deciding which university to attend is a big step, and for most people it is quite challenging. One factor that potential students tend to overestimate is the use of ranking lists. These lists are definitely useful, but don’t forget that perhaps their criteria is not what you are looking for, from a program. It is fine to look at rankings, but do look at or ask how this ranking is made.
The most common criterion are as follow, but there are many others and each ranking works differently.

  • Academic Reputation
  • Employer Reputation
  • Faculty-Student Ration
  • Citations Per Paper
  • Proportion of Staff with Ph.D.
  • Papers per Faculty
  • Web Impact
  • And the list goes on, and they may or may not be important to your search.

Your criteria

Using university rankings, you are able to look for a criteria that is important to you. You can then see which university is ranked high for the category which you find important. Doing a research as a whole is much more important than just looking for highly ranked program or institution.

At this moment, US News is considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable source of ranking.

What do you consider important when it comes to studying online? Write down and list different criterion which you find to be important. Then try to find out more about this from the university you are about to apply to. Other than the points listed above, you can also think of things like the classroom diversity, tuition fees payment terms and mode of assessment, among others.

Top Ranked Online Colleges and Universities, a Review

This is how Top ranked online colleges and universities work. Universities ranking goes hand in hand with accreditations.

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